Linux on the Desktop

I’ve tried running Linux on my laptop before, with great success, but I ended up renting that laptop to a customer to take overseas for 3 months, and buying myself a beautiful black Macbook. So the next step was my desktop, and I’ve done it. This time it was Ubuntu 7.10 which was replaced a few days later by 8.04LTS.

The transition was basically pretty smooth, I got rid of a few Windows only applications (I put Bernie in Charge of Quickbooks, so it is on her machine). Pretty much everything else I’ve found a linux equivalent of.

I bought a new machine to start with, so it means my old box is still there for the moment in case I need it, and I will probably package it up as a virtual machine in case I need anything later, as Bern is supposed to get the previous machine to replace her aging box. Building a new Windows box would have been a 2 day exercise (finding and installing & configuring all the right software) , and this took about the same length of time.

Outstanding issues:
* The digital 5.1 output that I think the sound card has doesn\’t work, had to resort to 2 front/rear cables.
* gTwitter sucks for using Twitter
* I haven’t set up my podcatching software yet
* sound is not working in skype
* I haven’t imported my address book from the old machine
* cant access the fines on the server

More updates to follow.

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