Linux Home Security

We’ve had some problems recently with intruders coming up our driveway and pinching stuff. I have to admit my car makes me a bit of an obvious target, but I really thought the length and steepness of the driveway would keep them out.

The first time they got into both (unlocked) cars and stole a few largely inexpensive bits and pieces and the second time they took a plain brown box which they found out 50m down the road only contained the mains conversion kit for a BBQ, so they dumped it.
So we decided it was time to do something. In discussion with Dean from Recips, our Electrical Contractor of choice we are installing a front facing sensor with a lot more light connected to it, so people wont be snooping in the dark.

Of course I cant have this sort of equipment without plugging it into a computer, so it is time, with a bit of help from some friends and a few websites to make a complete Linux Home Security System.

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