Karate 11/12/2012

Our Sensai (teacher) challenged us last night to keep a diary of our training, and record the things we learned each week and what we want to focus on in the week ahead.

This week for me was about turning up. I missed last week because I was busy doing something, and I missed my normal 5pm class, dropping the caravan to the plumber for it’s gas works & certification. I really had to push myself to get to the 6:30 class, and almost gave up at the last minute because the school where the classes are held were having Christmas Carols and parking was a nightmare and we parked 1/2 a kilometer away and had to walk across the oval to get to class. In all honesty if Bec wasn’t with me at that point, I’d have gone home again.
Once I was there I was pretty much fine, other than something stuck in my throat that kept me coughing all class and evening and having difficulty responding and Kiaing.
My goal for next week it be there on time, ready & willing to participate fully (baby steps)

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