Computers & Japan

I’ve been spending a bit of time building up another machine to put in the lounge room. I was thinking of using it to play CD’s and DVD’s, but I am having trouble justifying $150 for another Video card that will do TV out and $150 for another DVD drive when I can buy a real DVD player for $350. If nothing else it will be good to have a machine in the lounge to look up the TV guide. If only I had some friends who wanted to come around, I now have threee machines that will play Unreal Tournament. Also our Exchange teacher has arrived from Japan. It turns out I had guessed correctly and she is the English teacher, so language is no problem at all. I’ve never travelled, so I thought I should at least find out a bit about Japan. I did find this site which had some interesting information, but it was also interesting to do some comparisons with home. Japan is about the size of my home state of Victoria, but it has a population of about 125 million people. There are only about 19 million people in the whole of Australia. It almost makes me feel claustrophobic, just thinking about all those people. I’m also pondering the idea of putting up a site about sound to store al those little factiods that I keep needing and as an excuse to do a bit of research and find stuff out. Link soon.

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