Brush-cutting Incident

Being a long weekend, we decided it would be a good time to tackle a bit of the gardening, so we imposed on my brother-in-law to borrow his brush cutter to speed up the problem, especially up around the “pool” area.

We had the required lesson when I borrowed it about how to use it, and safety and maintenance. I made a deal and said I’d make sure I could still count to ten when I finished. It turned out when I finished I could still count to 10, but could also count to 4 using just my wasp stings!

I must have disturbed a nest up near the pool gate, and I could hear them buzzing around me as I started to run. I flipped the face shield off near the rumpus room doors, jumped down the three stairs at once, frightening the life out of Bern at her computer. I realised the brush-cutter was still running at this point so I turned it off before dumping it on the desk.

Bern realised something was up, but I could hear a swarm buzzing around me so I remember slamming my hand on the door to say no, don’t come out. I fear I may have paniced, but I guess I’ve been heavily influenced by seeing movies like The Swarm as an impressionable little kid.

* We are going to get rid of the pool, it is a 30year old vinyl pool, and last year we used it for about 4 days in total

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