It’s my birthday and I’ll Blog if I want to… Happy 29th Birthday to me. This is my Blog on my corner of the Web and I’ll be as self indulgent as I want to.I found out why Bernie wanted my Palm Pilot, she was making the cover for it that she had been going to make for months. It is very nice too, Dark Green Vinyl with leather stitching. She also organised a week off work for me and booked us into a place in Halls Gap. It should be a nice relaxing break, probably just what I need, lots of trees, stars, open fireplaces, my laptop… There was even some marshmallows to toast over the fire and nice bottle of Port to sit back and sip.Extra kudos to Bern & Jase & Mon who organised for me to lend Jase & Mon some money a few weeks ago, and it turns out that was for the place in Halls Gap, so Bern could get it through without me seeing it.Time to go.

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