Bec in the Big Bed.

Bec is getting to the stage where we are looking to move her into a full size bed, so we decided to take the plunge and move the spare bed in there just so she could be used to having it around. Of course, she immediately wanted to sleep in it, but during yesterday afternoon’s sleep, that only lasted about 3 minutes, after which time we heard feet on the carpet and moved her (as agreed) to the cot.

For the night sleep she wanted to try again, so we dutifully tucked her in and left her to sleep. which she did, until about 4am when she woke us up, crying. I went in and found her lying on the floor in front of the change table (right beside the bed) crying in her sleep. I think she was probably just cold due to a wet nappy and no blankets. I took her to the potty and then put her back in bed where she stayed until after 8am.

It is kind of scary to see her in that huge bed, and Bern was really teary that our little girl was growing up so fast, but I don’t think she’ll be moving out on her own just yet…..

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