Backstage at Barnum

I spent several nights over the last two weeks helping out with Mt Lilydale’s production of the Musical Barnum. I was originally asked by Casey Welch, whom I knew from her lead role in the college play, Wednesday, to help out to support the Outdoor Ed teacher, Mr Peter Barnett, with the safety rope work on a couple of the scenes, but I soon turned into to a Jack of All trades, and assistant to the wonderful backstage props manager, Tash Ciampoli.

The performances went off fantastically, and just about everyone remembered their lines and made it on to the stage at the right time… As I was backstage for all of the performances, I’m anxiously waiting for the video to be edited so that I can see what everything looked like from out front, rather than sideways.

I’ve spent a bit of time since we finished wondering what it is I like about plays & musicals, especially as I have no singing talent whatsoever, but I think I’m starting to realise that we all have our own gifts and that I can be really useful using my talent for organisation, leadership and encouragement to help those that can really sing and act. I also get lots of recognition & appreciation for what I’m doing, which I’m not getting at work at the moment

Will Mithen, who did a great job playing the lead role of P.T. Barnum, was talking at the after party about a group called something like the Mt Lilydale Players, an ex-student theatrical group that he was either thinking of joining or starting to keep things going. There is a huge talent, especially in the current crop of Yr 12’s and the school is going to really miss them next year, but I’m sure it will be a wonderful opportunity for some new talent to blossom.

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