Back on the air again.

It’s been so long, it’s almost “hello world” again. Since the last post I/we have worked frantically to get the caravan ready for out big trip, discovered Minecraft, had Christmas in Lakes Entrance, Travelled over 4500km with the caravan up the east coast of VIC and NSW, did some QLD theme parks, spent a few days with family near the Australia Zoo, and travelled back through the centre of NSW and Victoria in 38 degree heat. Then it was back to work, playing Minecraft, deciding to put the house on the market, decluttering, throwing stuff out, decluttering some more, cleaning, throwing more crap out and cleaning some more until finally just under an hour ago we’ve had the photos taken so the property can go on the market in a week or so.

In amongst that, I’ve been mentally up and down rather a lot, and mostly down, or at least too exhausted to feel up to any sort of blogging, so here we are. Easter has been and gone for another year, though it’s only early April.. no look at that’ its almost mid April, the year has flown by, even the kids are saying so.

I’ll try and keep the posts more frequent, I promise.

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