a 621 of a day

Last tuesday night we went out for dinner as part of getting to know our Cell Group from our Church, Careforce Church Mount Evelyn (CCME). We had a great night chatting and eating Thai food at a local Lilydale resturaunt. The food tasted quite nice, but the next day I really knew how much MSG (flavour enhancer 621) was in it.

I had the worst MSG hangover on Wednesday (called a hangover because you are lethargic and dehydrated, exactly like a hangover..). That is the second time it has happened to me, the first being only about 4 weeks before after a eating a Yum Cha lunch with the guys from Vermont Secondary.

I spent the morning trying to work fixing my server problems at Heathmont College but in the end I grabbed a couple of Aspro Clears from the principal and called Bernie to come in and pick me up.. I slept for most of the afternoon and even though I still felt a little cotton wooly in the evening, I made it up for a few hours before I went back to bed.

I’m at the point of believing I have an MSG allergy, which is interesting as it was something Jase went through for quite a while too.

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